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    Hello My Name Is  Kevin I’ve spent months trying to find an honest, profitable Online Cash Business and have found two that are positively The Best.  This Home Business system has become one of the Top Marketing Businesses On The Internet.


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Hello, It’s me again Kevin, If  you want to make cash, Internet Cash Sources are not hard to obtain if you just stick with it and do a little each day to Obtain Your Goals. It is possible to make a very nice living selling others products, but first you must do the work, and put together useful information that will inform your buyers that what they are getting from you  is going to help them obtain their goals, by providing Value for their MONEY spent. There are hundreds of thousands of people looking to do what you are, and that is to Work From Home and find Internet Cash Sources that will make them a very Comfortable living. For Money is the end process of Creating And Delivering Value To Others.

Image3 e1338103182265 BUILDING A WEBSITE FOR MARKETING   WORK FROM HOME MAKE CASH  In this blog we are going to learn how to Make Cash by putting the components of our Website together and get our Site Online ! If You’ve done  what was suggested In the last post, then You have a Domain Name, and hopefully it relates to what your site is about (this is an  Important step, as You want your Domain Name as relevant as possible), this helps in the Search for what You are offering your Customers, for instance you wouldn’t want to have one like, and be selling weight loss products or information,(it won’t work). If you don’t have one, then get one! You can purchase one from Godaddy (just click on one of the ads in this post and it will take you there!)

Also You should have gotten a domain name Hosting Account, again you can get one from Hostgator by clicking on one of the ads in this post, and if you use this Discount Code (KEVSICSDISCOUNT) , you can get your Hosting for as little as .01 cent  $9.94 off of your first months hosting , you can get Hosting for as little as 1 cent for your first month!

Along with a Domain Name, and Hosting for it, you will need an F.T.P agent (File Transfer Protocol) this is a free service , (it Uploads your files from your Computer to your Hosting account) (Website) I  use Filezilla it is a Free download, and you can get it by clicking ( here) to take you to the Download Page!

On this page we are going to show you (in simple form) how to set up your very own website for a very low cost to start, and a very ,very low cost per month to keep it up and running. If you follow this steps you will be an Affiliate Marketer, and make Cash on the Internet in no time!

All the links you need to get your first website up and published on the Internet are here on this website, just look at the appropriate page, and you will find them.

It will be up to you to take  the time to learn how to set it all up , but with the information given here it will only take minimal effort and some time to get your very own website up and running, how long it takes is up to you, you can have it published , and on the World Wide Web in as little as 20 minutes, for a cost of less than $20.00 now that’s amazing!

Do these simple steps , and in no time you can be working on your own Home Business, or have a Family Website,Club Website , or any of many useful ways to use your own Website.

1.) Get a Domain Name, if it is for Affiliate Marketing think about what you want to sell, and find a Domain Name that is related to that!

If you want to make big money being an Affiliate Marketer go to Clickbank, sign up for a free account,  the link is  here   , when you sign up with Clickbank, you can go to Clickbank Market Place and choose a product to promote to make cash, choose one of higher gravity (it’s a good idea to do this before you purchase a domain name because, on Clickbank  once you choose a product then you will want a domain name that relates to that product so that it is favorable to people who search for it.

Godaddy is the best (in my opinion) I purchase all my domain Names through them! With Godaddy, it comes with a starter page if that’s all you want or need (1 Page). Just click on the banner in the sidebar to take you there.

2.)Purchase web hosting for your domain name, I use Hostgator, if you decide to choose Hostgator, use the  code KEVSICSDISCOUNT, and you can have your first month for as little as 1 cent just click on the banner ad in the left or right sidebar. If you buy your domain name through Godaddy, and have it hosted with Hostgator, you will have to transfer your domain name over (I do it all the time it is easy) if you have any problems just call Hostgator , and they will help you , it only takes a few minutes.

3.) Now that you have a domain name, and hosting , one other thing that you will need is an F.T.P agent (File Transfer Protocol) , this is used for uploading content from your computer to your New Website, I use filezilla  (it is free), and again you can find it here.

4.) Now that you have a domain name ,and hosting, an F.T.P agent, and your domain name server is tranferred to Hostgator, the easiest fastest way to get your site up and published is to  go to your Hostgator C-Panel (Control Panel) Click on Fantastico, then in the left column click on WordPress and install! (Your Website is up on the Internet!) It’s that Easy!

WordPress is an ease of  Use platform to create a professional looking ,full featured Website, you can download all of the tools you will need (Plugins), from your Administrator area, for Social Networking like Facebook, and Twitter, and any other Social Network sites you want on your page), also Plugins for S.E.O (Search engine Optimization) you can find everything you need for your WordPress site FREE from your Administration Area (Back Office)   .

Now all you have to do is take your time, and go through the WordPress tutorials and build your site the way you’d like! There are many other places to learn all the tricks, and you can find all the information that you need  on You Tube ! also

5.) If you’d like to sell advertising space on your website there is a link on this site for OIO Publishers , that makes it very easy to sell ad space and make cash on a weekly or monthly basis, on your new site once you start getting visitors, this program costs $47.00, but here is a discount code SHOGUN-KEVS that will get you  $10.00 off , it is what I am using on this site to advertise my affiliate links in the sidebars (the ads work well! You can use it for affiliate offers, or sell ad space, or a combination of both!

6.) Get started , and have some fun, and if you need any information, please feel free to contact me at my E-mail that is on every page .

I know that you will be so excited when you get your site up and running, and even more excited and Happy when you make your first sale!

I will be posting more useful information, tips, and tricks soon, I will try to post at least twice a week but please don’t hold me to this.

Thank You for reading my Blog, and if you’d like to subscribe so that all my new posts come to you, please feel free to do so.

God Bless You and Yours, and we will talk to you again soon.


P.S. Don’t procrastinate , and soon you will be making Internet Cash from Affiliate Marketing and your life will have changed for the better!

Keep doing what you are doing, and you will keep getting what you are getting!

Finding Internet Cash Sources, to make cash -Making Money From Home With An Internet Business Is Not As Hard As You Might Think! Just Get Started!

God Bless You and Yours! To Your Awesome Success!

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PostHeaderIcon Home Business – Introduction To Affiliate Marketing

Image3 e1338103182265 Home Business   Introduction To Affiliate Marketing

                           Let’s Get Started Building Your “Home Business”

Hi I’m Kevin and if you are like me you are  tired of working for someone else,and making them money. If youare tired of working a 9 to 5 to put cash into their pockets.Then Internet Cash Sources can help you understand  Affiliate Marketing Home Business. Making cash on the internet,with your own Affiliate Marketing Home Business is not as difficult as one might think. If you want to Make Money From Home, then the main secret of getting ahead is getting started. Don’t waste time,don’t procrastinate,  you only need to educate yourself. You need to spend time and learn. If you keep doing what you are doing, then you will inevitably keep on getting what you are getting. Are you satisfied with the money that you’re making? Learn how to start a Home Business in Affiliate Marketing ,take action NOW. The sooner you do the sooner that you will be building your very own Home Business and a solid future for you and your Family also helping others along the way. You will be making your share of the BILLIONS of dollars in Cash  spent on the Internet every year!

In this first post I am going to explain the basics of  what an Affiliate Marketing Home Business is ,how to Affiliate Market, what you need to get started ,and also costs associated with running your own Online Affiliate Marketing Home Business.

What is Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate Marketing is advertising a product or service on the Internet for someone else,  sending prospective buyers to them via their website, and if the prospective buyer purchases their product you earn a commission. The commission varies from a very low percentage up to sometimes 75% of the selling price.Commissions can be a one time charge, or recurring billing (a set price every month for a membership) offering  continued value in information, or product..

The good thing about selling a product for someone else (being an Affiliate Marketer) is that you do not have to carry any inventory (product).You do not have to package or ship the product. Do the billing for the product or service. You do not have to process refunds,answer e-mails , or put up with all the time and headaches that these tasks entail.

To get started in a Home Business Affiliate Marketing you will need several things:

1.) An Account to send your payments to , Paypal  is free to sign up for and is  very reliable and  popular, although they do charge a small percentage for processing your sales, you can click ( here) to sign up. Also sign up for a Free Clickbank account, click ( here) to sign up. They have thousands of Affiliate Offers that you can promote , and they collect the Money for you, deliver the Product, process the refunds, and  send you your checks!  While You are there  you can get an Idea of what You’d like to promote on your Website by looking through the “Marketplace”, that’s where you’ll find hundreds of Affiliate Offers ! Try to find one that you know something about to make it easier in the long run to write articles and supply good information to your prospective buyers, although it is not necessary, as You can learn as You go. This is also where You need to match Your Domain Name with what You want to promote. Think of what people will be typing in to search for what you offer. For instance if your site is promoting Golf products , one idea for a domain name would be ”, get the idea?

2.) A Domain Name: I use Go Daddy. I have 30 domain names through them. I’ll tell you why in a later post (there is Money In Them.) The price is very reasonable,and they  offer discounts for purchasing more than 1 domain at a time. Also, they send users of their services special discounts  and offers regularly. A domain name through Go Daddy (www.yoursitename .com) starts at $9.95 or less for a single domain name for the first year. It comes with a free starter page,which you can use for   your (Squeeze Page),  to send traffic to but more about that later.It’s better to have full hosting, with more pages. Again, You want your Domain Name  relevant to what you are planning on offering on your site. Maybe it’s a “niche site” on Weight Loss, or Golf , it may be anything, but if it is something that you already know, then you will have less of a learning curve when writing content, or building it. You can get about every Idea Imaginable about what to Promote on your website by browsing the Clickbank Marketplace.

3.) Web Hosting: I use HostGator. I have compared many web hosting service providers, and for price and service, I like them the best. They have an ease of use control panel,and Hosting can start for as little as a penny for the first month. This is a monthly cost, or you can get better pricing by paying for 6 months or a year or more in advance, the longer the duration, the less expensive the price. Here is a discount code for up to $9.94 off your first months hosting fee. You can get your first month for as little as 1 cent If you decide to use them! KEVSICSDISCOUNT, (type in only the letters). You can click on one of the Banner Ads on this page  to get to Hostgator, and on checkout be sure to add the  code for a discount .

I sincerely hope that Internet Cash Sources gives you good value in information!

In later Posts we’ll go over website basics.

Again, making Cash On The Internet,  starting an Affiliate Marketing Home Business, should be far more fulfilling than any job you have ever had.You need to just get serious, get focused and educate yourself.  It’s not as hard as you imagine, with persistence, soon you will be making your first sale. The excitement of having your own Home Business will give you even greater motivation.

Thank You for your time and interest,God Bless You,To Your Awesome Success, I’ll see you in the next post.




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